Commercial Transactions & Corporate Assistance

Hill Rivkins offers a full commercial practice. We frequently guide our domestic and international clients through negotiation of major projects, such as strategic joint ventures, long-term trade and transportation agreements, multi-party deals, and restructuring corporate finance through the use of debt and equity instruments. We also have a depth of experience in entity formation, including limited and general partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. In addition, our lawyers provide advice on everyday, yet important issues facing our clients to ensure their continued success and protection.

We actively assist corporate decision-makers in a broad range of industry sectors, including energy, transportation & third party logistics, marine, and trading. Our firm also serves as general counsel to a number of growing and successful corporations.

We come from diverse backgrounds and draw on our past legal and industry-specific experience in providing clients with solid advice on critical business decisions. We pride ourselves in our ability to maximize our clients’ opportunities while protecting their interests through foresight and planning.